Cullmann CUlight FR 60 flitser testwinnaar in de categorie t/m € 250,00.


De testers van het Duitse fototijdschrift Chip Foto Video hebben recentelijk 10 flitsers beneden de € 250,00 getest. Met Duitse “grundlichkeit” werden al deze flitsers aan een serie secure testen onderworpen en hierbij werd ook de functionaliteit en de prijskwaliteitverhouding grondig bestudeerd. Tot hun grote verrassing kwam de Cullmann CUlight FR 60, een nieuwkomer op de flitsermarkt, als beste uit de test.

“In the test, the flash from CULLMANN has gained a really surprising result. The CUlight FR 60 starts as the first flash of a new series and it has reached the top place of the system flashes in the up to 300 EUR section. Even competitors such as Canon, Metz and Nikon took the places behind. At a price of only EUR 250 the FR 60 is equipped with an integrated 2,4 GHz radio transmission and when used as a master flash it allows to control 5 flash groups. Furthermore, it provides a number of useful features such as the short time synchronisation mode, which allows an exposure time of up to 1/8000 second, the stroboscope flashes and the flashing with the second curtain. The charging times in the field of a guide number of 60 are on the same level as those of the twice as expensive Canon Speedlite 600EX II-RT. Also in the matter of constancy, the FR 60 convinces with its results for fast flash sequences. However, the number of 224 flashes at full power is only an average test result”.

+ Top features, flash performance at a fair price, master flash function

– no protection against wetness, average number of flashes

De Cullmann CUlight FR 60 flitser voor Canon, Nikon en Sony (Multi Interface Schoen) zal zeer binnenkort leverbaar zijn voor de adviesverkoopprijs van € 249,99. Download voor meer informatie de specificaties van deze krachtige systeemflitser.